A Quick Guide to Web Strategy for Trades People
When it comes to starting your business building a website is the natural first point of call for those in the trades. As any web developer will tell you though your website is only of use if people can find it. The more people that find your website the more chance you have of gaining enquiries.

In what often seems like a foreign language we might talk about things like SEO, keywords, PPC, blogging, ad words and social media as useful ways to generate traffic to your website. These things are all important but for someone who has never had a website before then WHAT ON EARTH DO THEY MEAN?

Here is our quick guide to getting started with your web marketing strategy.

Website Usability
When you are starting out budgets are tight so an all singing, all dancing website is probably not at the list of your priorities. What should be though is a clean and easy to use platform that allows customers to quickly find out what you do, have some testimonials and allow them to leave details for you to make contact. As your business grows so too can your website but in the early stages simple and easy.

Search engines are one of the most important ways of finding any website. Google, the main search engine, ranks websites according to many criteria, one of which being keywords. It looks at what someone has typed into the search bar and looks for relevant pages that match those key words. For many trades people keywords may be the trade and the geographic location you are in. So if you are a Joiner based in Manchester you may use key words such as joinery, woodwork, framework, kitchen fitting, and then North West, Greater Manchester, Stockport and Bolton. Be careful however with the use of keywords. Google doesn’t like something called Keyword Stuffing, using keywords for the sake of it where it looks forced and reads poorly.

There is so much more to SEO but don’t over complicate before you get started.

Social Media
Having Social Media links for your website is a great way to start getting traffic to your company page as well as letting people know about your business. For a Trade person starting out your best referrals to begin with will come from friends and family. Indeed these are the people who want you to succeed so what better way to tell them about your business than with a company business page. Fan pages are easy to create and if you can’t do it you’ll probably have friends who can show you. Once made though it’s important to ensure you are regularly updating these and posting links to your website just so it lets people know you are still operating. If you stop posting many people might think you are no longer in business.

What Next?
With your website up and running, social media pages in operation and some basic quality SEO you are ready to start building from there. Make sure that all your business cards, flyers and conversations tell people about your website and ask people to follow your social media. Once you start trading you can consider investing more money to build the business further for things like:

- Google AdWords

- Blogging

- Pay per Click campaigns

- Social media advertising and much more

But to start with it’s about getting going and balancing your online advertising with everything else you are going through in your venture. Once you are up and running though you’ll never look back.

To find out how M6 Media Ltd can help you get started on your web marketing journey why not request a call back and we’ll talk you through a web strategy.


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A Quick Guide to Web Strategy for Trades People


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